My Pets

Fish tank 2

Do I have pets? No is we are talking of any domesticated or tamed animal that is kept as companion and cared for affectionately. So the question of their names does not arise.

Yes we are talking of teachers pet—among my dance students is simran who I indulge in, she is such a spontaneous dancer more importantly she understands why she is dancing its that focus the dedication that makes her my pet.

Though I think a little crow has adopted me as his/her pet, every morning it insists on being fed by me. It refuses to eat anything given by husband, sips water out of a dish that I have kept and flies away.

Isn’t it strange this word that emerged as noun somewhere between 1500-10 which could have originated from the word petty-lamb or little lamb. Has turned to an adjective and a verb in addition to staying as a noun.

After all an if used as an informal verb it does make one blush.

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