soul mirror

Sometimes I think the people we feel drawn to reflect our inner self back at us and we act as a mirror to them too.

People appear to be having innumerable qualities of random combination; the qualities we see in people are directly related to the traits that exist in us.

“Like attracts like” is a universal spiritual law. To put it very simply when we look at qualities in others we tend to see ourselves. When we see beauty, goodness divinity in a soul we see the same qualities that reside in us.

When we see traits in others that invoke feelings of anger, annoyance or hatred we are again seeing reflections of ourselves that we do not like, or maybe would like to disown. For it is easy it see it in others but difficult to accept as part of us. This could link us to our unconscious and unresolved issues.

Seeing someone exhibiting traits is seeing us through our own perceptions and that could be both humbling and an eye opener.

If we could respect and love all, then we would attract people who love and respect us.  When we nurture compassion and empathy we could see goodness mirrored through others.

2 Replies to “soul mirror”

  1. Reminds of a story my mom told.When Dharmaraya was told by Krishna to bring a bad person,he just could not get one.Then he asks Dhuryodhan to get a good person ,he came back with none and said not a soul so good exists that i find, good and noble that i can bring!

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