the dilemma of honesty

to tell or not to tell


Is it okay to cheat?

If like Pinocchio if our nose grew long every time we lied or cheated then the world would be a nosy affair.

NO, definitely not, but lets be honest aren’t there occasions when we have cheated.

I remember rewording a necessary prosthesis as such that my patient could get reimbursed which otherwise he would not have got.

I also remember writing the exam paper for a classmate who would not have passed otherwise.

This was another event that took place in Thailand. We had carried our cash in our debit cards without realizing that we had to show $150 at the immigration it meant returning from the airport or living in the airport for the next one week. Then a Kashmiri couple lent us their 150$ so that we cleared the immigration.

There are times when we do not tell our patients the entire diagnostic truth is that cheating?

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