In bed hospitalized, for more than a month and half, isolation.
An unwanted, trait started dominating, you guessed right, worry.
I was worried about everything but now ask me what exactly worried me I don’t know, maybe it was because I was not in control of situations that surrounded me, I could not be sure of the end result. Maybe deep down I know that my family and the world can do without me. When an unknown woman told me, you have been awakened to do something, just do it.
I just tried to sit up the first few times it hurt, and then I figured how to get up without hurting myself.
Putting off was another way. It was just my fear talking.
That’s when it occurred that I was fantasizing or rather creating situations and reacting to it. After all worry is the extension of fear and lack of self-confidence. Maybe this worry makes me attract things and situation that I don’t want or need in my life.
Maybe it is time to put a little faith in myself and my guardian angels.

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