money bliss or misery

whether money is bliss or misery it is more about attitude and success


Can money buy happiness?

I am confused,

Remember the Lexus ads. That said”whoever said money cannot buy happiness is not spending it right” may be this is right.

I think (I could be wrong) it essentially depends on whether you are a person of money bliss or money misery. 

Let’s consider it under standard parameters

Money and time

• Money bliss says it gives you the ability to outsource work you don’t want to do.

• Money misery says Outsourcing means paying so you are in the circle of having to earn more.

Money and freedom

• Money bliss– gives you the choice of what to buy and when to buy

• Money misery–makes you greedy and want more things.

Money and stuff—shopping is like hunting and gathering.

• Money bliss–You have the choice to buying things for people you love.

• Money misery–The joy of possessing is only temporary then you get used to it.

Money and experiences

• Money bliss–lets you travel and enjoy the finer things of life.

• Money misery–All these are short-lived and do not count in the long run.

Money and stress

• Money bliss–Having money means from freedom from worry to means to pay bills.

• Money misery–Once the basic needs are met, then additional money means stress of money management.

Essentially as I mentioned it is not money but our attitude to it.

Sociological researcher Glen Firebaugh from Pennsylvania University has proved with a cohesive study that people with money are more relaxed and happier than those with less.

This is because factors like greed, jealousy also play a role in creating happiness. It’s also a myth that has been created about rich being bad, but without donations from people like Bill Gates many projects would run dry.

As Esther and Jerry Hicks wrote in their book Ask and its yours “money is neither the root cause of happiness nor is it the root cause of evil. Money is the result of how line up energy”

The Hindu philosophy personifies this and calls this Lakshmi the goddess of wealth. For nothing is separate from God or spiritual energy. Money is the spiritual substance made to manifest, the creative energy of spirituality stepped down to visibility.

As the Atharva Veda says ignorance and poverty are sins and a truly successful man is the one who uses his talents to create wealth and manages the wealth efficiently.

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