After my accident my mother consulted an astrologer, who told her that someone had cast an evil eye and that had affected me. The effect could be nullified using a Talisman.
It’s not only amma, but a lot of people find solace in talismans cure a range of ills, they act as protectors, provide peace and sometimes act as affirmations of goals.
The talisman has its origin in the Greek word Telesma the magical energy trapper. By definition it is
• An object marked with magical signs and believed to confer on its bearer supernatural power or protection.
• Something that apparently has magic power.
Traditionally it anchors energy that then attracts abundance, protection or whatever else the individual goals are.
Contemporary talismans are made of metals, paper stone and or natural elements embossed with symbols and it can be either carried or worn.
Creating your talisman
To create a talisman its physical property becomes important. The choice it the creators, what inspires them the most. These talismans are energized ritually and periodically re-energized.
1. Identify your need for the Talisman; it could be spiritual goal, love, physical energy, mental strength. As long as it is important enough for you to invest your energy in it.
2. Lots of people pick astrological periods for installing the talisman, like Venus-mars for love.
3. The object is then picked as per what inspires you. Again lot of people choose objects of astrological association, like copper associated with Venus so copper for a love goal.
4. Then design your inscription, it can be anything that inspires you, religious or astrological or any pattern.
5. Energize it with a ritual.
Energizing your talisman:
This is also a very personal procedure. I know a friend who energized her talisman by earthing it for weak because she felt she needed to strengthen the earth component of her five elements.
Another person I know faced the east at the crack of dawn cleansed the talisman with milk and water, dried it with incense, and then placed it on a wooden piece over which she placed a silk scarf. She then created a couplet with the goal mentioned, before placing the talisman on the altar that she had created she recited the couplet 108 times. After which every day she recites the couplet every morning in front of the talisman for five minutes and at night she thanks the talisman before going to bed.—this is by far the most popular method,
Probably this constant affirmation, gives a sense of protection and focus to the goals that we have put forth for ourselves.
These talismans have existed as long as mankind. With organized religion they have developed organized rituals and symbols.

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  1. So that’s what it was. My parents gave me a leaf of some tree and asked me to keep in my wallet…hmm…hasn’t helped me much. Need to find myself a true Talisman.

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