You are your own mentor

Guru’s, Mentor’s, teacher’s many of them follow the path that they prescribe. Equal numbers of people go looking for these. Nothing really wrong in this finding the right person at the right time definitely helps if someone like that is available.
But it is also necessary to recognize the right one.
In the absence of one like I like to imagine the outer world as a mirror and the inner world as a magnetic force that draws the necessary ingredients for us evolve. That is to say we can embark on the path on our own. We carry all that is necessary for self-realization within us and the outré world acts as a mirror from where the inner magnetic force draws us evolve to the next level.
All that we need to have is a belief in ourselves and let go of the belief that we need to look outside for help.
We have heard of rainbow and with treasure pot at the end of it. This is just a metaphor for the illusion that most of us harbour about the mythical Shambala.
Happiness is transient until the next want emerges, but joy of living is internal and within us. Most Gurus’ emphasis that the elixir is within us and we need to find it. Finding it is not a rational or intense intellectual exercise. But for us to ask, and let go, be patient till the answer emerges the most important factor being recognizing this answer when it emerges.
The more practise we me the more we trust the process in turn we look less for external crutches for successfully we become our own.

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