Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely
There are days when we all feel lonely this idea comes from the notion that we are separate from others, and that we are mutually disconnected from one another. But we cannot really be separate from the world; we are like the fish swimming in water. But when we begin to define our boundaries what we see as solid is actually porous it’s difficult to say where our skin ceases and air begins. Look at the we way we are affected by atmosphere. When it is dry our skin dries, when it is humid we sweat our skin becomes moist and supple.
By the same logic it is difficult to separate one person from the other after all we entwined by our action on the subtle plane we pick up people’s energy whether we mean to or not. We tend to attune to surrounding moods contagious.
This could be the reason the guru’s ask us to align towards positive energy or focus on light like meditating facing the sun in the morning. The sun the egoless nurturer could inspire us to dissolve our ego.
We could work on the porous to feel the oneness with all. Then we can appreciate that we are not really alone.

2 Replies to “Feeling Lonely”

  1. Don’t really agree with the thought…maybe coz I don’t understand ‘Loneliness’ properly Coz for me alone time is very necessary. Hate crowds…not need even the sun 🙂

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