Role Model

Looking at my role models.

Looking up to a role model is something that neurolinguistic programs always talk about.

Most girls look up to their mothers, or maybe now the more glamorous magazines and celebrity profile.

I have had beacons’ that showed a way on and off. But the two of the four that stayed with me, My father, great-uncle Hande, grandmother Parwati, and Shobha De.

The fact that one does not have to confirm, or can rebel silently was taught to me by my grandmother. She would at the beginning of the day put a statement of what she wanted to achieve that day. And quietly go about doing it, initially according to her my grandfather threw tantrum, what my grandmother called male whimpering that roared.

She figured that grandpa threw a tantrum if she was sitting when he came home, so she just evolved a system of taking her rest when he was not around.

The day my aunt left for the hostel, she took up a job just not bothering about grandpa had to say.

Of course my mother did feel that granny disrespected grandpa but granny put it,

“Well, I respect myself more”

When Shobha De was Kilchand and editor of some film magazine (I have genuinely forgotten the name) I turned my Rekhasque nose up at her who read film magazines only brainless gits—(don’t mention that between the illustrated weekly I hid filmfare)

Of course I read the week—(you see I had to win the quiz competition)—but shobha De wrote a column there too –didn’t I mention that I don’t read brainless gossip even though week publishes them!)Starry nights and whatever books she wrote were definitely not intellectual.—I read Zane grey, sudden series, PG Wodehouse and collect Agatha Christie who has made way for J K Rowling)

Well with this superiority complex I actually grew out of teenage ideals to face certain realities like why mithun chakravarthi not getting roles after winning the swarna Kamal but journalists hounding him after a hit like a brainless movie like disco dancer one learns that at the end of 3 root canals 4 extractions and N-silver restoration one just wanted to hang ones brains up like they were shoes.

One such hangs my brain moment I actually read Shobha De and hey she made sense! Her experience with her daughter not wanting a career, and some really mundane day-to-day no I mean weekly highlights. She actually sounded like I wanted to sound.

Like Walter Mitty my secret fantasy world I wrote but I’m too lazy to go meet the publisher. And my spelling is terrible. Sulekha and finally made me realize my dream. –I tried blogspot but lost my password thrice so thought it was an omen that it was not to be.

Now I can blissfully dream of displacing Shobha De in various news paper columns, Karan Johar talk shows. I am satiated with the confidence that the viewers will get more substance after all I’ m shobha’s height, Tuntun’s weight with Rekha’s look. Manish malhotra will not have to slice his clothes they would anyway be minuscule on me. Yahoo—what blissful thoughts—this is almost nirvana

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