If I Had Grown Up With/Without Siblings

I have grown up not with just siblings but with cousins.

Today when I look back I see the times we were together the fun we had. I also appreciate the secure safety net we have. It has definitely kept us together despite my biological sibling going the Uncle Sam’s way I have my two male cousins and three female cousins to support me. I can fall back on their honesty and their implicit support. Of course I return the compliment.

We learnt to share, to give space yet give the companionship. We have learnt the concepts of individually together.

Yet while growing it was suffocating. There we levels to be scaled and landmarks to be achieved. While a part of me wanted to conform, there was a part rebelling to be unique. There were times when I felt maybe life would be less crowded if I was a single child.

Though the long and short of it, I am glad for that joint family and the extended family in the neighbourhood.

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