life in a small town

Life in a small town.
In an urban set up we are so busy running from point A to point B we forget to enjoy the journey.
Like ants we are busy rushing around at such terrible speed that we don’t pay attention to leaves on the shrubs and clouds in the sky. We prefer ATM’s and online banking it saves us the travel time and the effort to smile at the cashier.
In this mad physical rush does not allow soul to enjoy life. People in the cities reveal in the rush, it gives them a sense of achievement and empowers them with the confidence that they can do so many things.
But it is the people of the small town who move at slower paces who have fuller lives. They have time for themselves, the security of relationship, familiar strangers etc.
It’s not that the people in the city do not or cannot life a full life it is just that it takes a little more effort to be aware of things.
One simple thing would e everyday take time of for 10mnts. Look around notice the nature around you. Cultivate people like the assistant at the mart. Those people who travel in the train or the bus with you. You will find the same small town gifts even in the city.

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