A New Onomatopoeia

Bee Good

To create a onomatopoeia I need to know what on earth it means. After all I am just a science student the intricacies of language are beyond me.

I learn that onomatopoeia is a noun that means

1. Formation of a word as cuckoo or boom by imitation of the sound made by or associated with its reference.

2. A word so formed

3. Rhetoric the use of imitative and naturally suggestive word for rhetoric effect.

Interesting!?! Yet, what shall I create, ping, bing , ding dong, boom. pitter patter are all taken up.

Boo-hoo over used.

Pit-pat also over used.

Zip-zap can I come up with something, cheep-cheep chirps the bird try whew that’s my chirping. Zzz I give up the cool, breeze the lullaby by the droning of the bee’s are knocking me to sleep. Zzzzzzz.

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