If I Could Relive One Day of My Past

If I could go back in time and relive one day of my life, which one would it be? A very difficult question to answer. There are many days that were enjoyable and relivable.

I think it would be the day my daughter was born. It was such a marvellous day.

I remember the previous night my mother telling me not to be restless, as there was almost three days before the due date. Early morning we went to hospital. My gynaecologist I hope more gynacs are like her, told me “I won’t con you and say it won’t pain, nor will I soothe for every living creature remember some woman has undergone pain, use the pain to push the baby” in twenty minutes my baby had arrived. She was tiny undersized with really large eyes and a dominant nose.

My dad was operating in the next theatre and my gynac announced the arrival of our princess his reaction was”hmm, Kritika nakshatra, rishabha rashi, good horoscope.”

She was so gorgeous the most perfect thing I ever saw until my second daughter was born.

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