On sight and vision.

On sight and vision.
My father Dr.Srinivasarao P.N. was an ophthalmologist. This was how he explained vision and sight to me.
Sight is the capacity to see the physical world and vision is the gift to see beyond it.
Sight allows up to perceive colours, shapes, size and participate with knowledge. It helps us to feel in control allowing us to see what is coming towards us, where we are headed and which way we are going.
Ask a person who has lost their eyesight. Things are clearer when you cannot see through your eyes that are the reason why meditation gurus ask us to close our eyes. That’s when the vision takes over, external distraction is shut off. Vision navigates our thought, feeling and emotions. It enables us to see things that are not yet manifested, in the world of form. It also connects us to ourselves that exists separately from the world of form.
As we are our sight diminishes, sharpening the vision this is probably the time for us to step back and start on that journey that cannot be mapped. We need to rely on our intuition to take us on the journey of the spirit.

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