Obligations to others and ourselves

To Others and To Ourselves

Guess we have all felt overwhelmed by out obligations many times. Actually it is okay to say no.

this sense of obligation could be towards, family, friends, community. No doubt they are fun and fulfilling, yet there are times we a need to resist is there specially if the spate of obligations result in exhaustion, or a need for solitude and quiet, and we feel guilty about saying no! we might even carry a inflated sense our being, that we feel we are letting someone down. When you think of it life goes on with or without us, so we can oblige ourselves by taking care of ourselves once in a while by taking the arch light without guilt.
it’s a skill to balance obligations and self time it starts with being aware of our schedules. If invites coincide in time we need to prioritize, when things become really difficult a telephonic call a card, or gift to say you are there in spirit though not in physical form helps.
Honoring our obligations are part of being human and should be be taken lightly. Yet there is a limit to our stretching ourselves. We can prioritize and compromise for our choices, by expressing our care in other forms.

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