I fear the unkown.

Commandment Of The Day

What do I fear the most?

Its unfamiliar, it could be dangerous. Scarier is the probability that I could fail, or be in pain.

I am at wits end when I have to embark on something new particularly if it means interacting with people—interestingly I am more uncomfortable dealing with familiar people in unfamiliar circumstances than dealing with unfamiliar people under any circumstance.

I land up with palpitation, dry mouth, needing to use the restroom more often.

But is it really unknown? Or is it my own past experience, or a hand me down from my ancestors?

I could convert the fear by turning it into curiosity, or an adventure, with adrenaline running high.But curiosity killed the cat! and cats have nine lives I have only one.

Anyway I figured somewhere down the line whether I like it or not I fear it or not, each day is going to pass taking along with it the experiences so the only thing for me to do is focus on the result I want and navigate towards it, everything else turns out fine. Every good or bad experience will be transcended.

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2 Replies to “Unkown”

  1. Arpit, when it comes to people I agree with you I was talking of circumstances.
    As you pointed out, when you know someone is bad we are prepared it is the good who have the potential.

  2. I have a slightly opposite view to this.
    What I fear is the KNOWN. Let me explain.

    If there are two people, one is BAD and other is GOOD. Who would u fear? Most people will say BAD.
    The fact is its the GOOD u should fear. Everyone knows BAD can be nasty and will take precautions. But GOOD should be feared coz if he decided to go nasty, it would be a surprise and we would be caught unawares. Fear GOOD and not the BAD. Same is the case with KNOWN and UNKNOWN.

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