Chinese Bhel — a pleasantly surprising flavour

a blend of chinese and indian flavour


A food that I was really surprised to like was the Chinese Bhel.

The great Indian cuisine has assimilated and modified most of the cuisine that the invaders brought with them.

The Chinese who came to India and created the Chinatown in Calcutta started out with traditional Chinese food.

The shetty’s from coastal Karnataka who have hijacked the brand name of Udupi hotels present pop-Indian food. Actually I like to call them the symbol of national integration, they have created permutation and combinations of the same masala’s and call give it different names, one of their innovations is the Chinese bhel.

Bhel in general is a mixture of tangy ,spicy flavour. The shetty hotels have boiled the noodles, deep-fried them added a mixture of Chinese sauce and Indian dressing that includes the famous Bikaner sev and coriander leaves to present this.

When my daughters order it during the dustbin phase of my motherhood (a phase where the mother get to eat the left over’s) I was fuming that I would have to eat nonsense, but the right blend of spice, tanginess and the unusual flavour of soya sauce did taste good.

Once in a while I do order it for myself.

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4 Replies to “Chinese Bhel — a pleasantly surprising flavour”

  1. I have heard a lot about Chinese Bhel, but unfortunately never been able to grab a nice flavor of it (I have had taken a few bites in office cafetaria but thats never a good place to taste something new)

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