a roasted ride

This time I shall share an physical experience.

February 9th we were having our annual puja of vasant panchami this is a 72hrs ritual where chants are chanted and the lamp is kept burning. The lamp is not supposed to go out. The ritual began on 8th. 9th morning I was a little annoyed with my daughter for bunking college.

I sat down to chant on my turn. The flame had gone weak, I tried to set it right a fleck dropped on my dress, the next thing I know is I was burnt 36%.

What I cannot figure out to the day, is why did I not douse the flame with the water in front! In my panic I turned on the hot water geyser which fortunately for me was defunct.

Now almost 7 months and a surgery later I am slowly limping back to normal.

Those three months in the hospital was like a retreat, where I learnt a lot, about myself, humanity and God’s grace.

Yet this is an experience I would not wish on anyone.

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