the Laws of the Universe

My father Dr.P.N.Srinivasarao was a man who made me think out of the box. The time 4am to 6am every morning was a learning.
He grew up with the precinct of the Udupi temple, where the Madhwa siddanta rules supreme. One thing Madhwa Acharya taught his students and they conveniently forgot is the power to question, and reason. Even with Vayu jeevothama and Hari Sarvothama, ie air is life sustaining and the Lord is all pervading, the intellect was free to think, understand and interpret.
One of the many things he told is the translation of the Einstein’s law, and its metaphysical manifestation. We are but microcosms, of the all pervading macrocosm. This is best illustrated as the co-related visual of the solar system and the atomic structure.
Whether we acknowledge it or not we are made of these atomic structures giving us energy in various forms, the thermal, the electric, chemical etc. so are all living creatures. Energy is neither created, nor destroyed. Which means the energy destroyed by the devastation of animals, birds, flora and fauna has to transform. The only thing that seem to explode is mankind, so these energies are transformed into human energies, debasing man, the laws of the jungle have began to take over. But there is loss of the animal integrity as that social support is no longer there. The social support and learning is human.
So we have begun vandalizing nature with animal strength and human intellect. This also made him understand and accept the changing human instincts and values.

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