Team Anna Hazare !?

Everyone is talking about team Anna,
The press is making it out as an Anna vs. government. It is not Anna vs. government; it is people vs. their decisions. Yes, the government consists of the people we choose as our representatives. Remember the silent Manmohan singh has been elected by some constituency, so has the invisible Pratibha Patil. As that govt. spokesperson Mr.Sanghvi said, we have to go through a procedure that has been followed for 300yrs. That is how outdated we are.
How many of us know the real manifesto or agenda of the people we send as our representatives to the parliament? Do we know their capabilities and achievement? Do we know the needs of our constituency and country and whether these people are capable of delivering these needs?
What Anna Hazare is doing is pointing out our fallibility, and that allows the government to exist. Before we pass the buck to the govt. lets face the fact that we have elected them.
Our knowledge of our country, is stopped with Gandhi, we do not have the courage to cast away an past for a living leader who is tapping our conscience.
Its not Anna vs. govt. it is India vs. India.

7 Replies to “Team Anna Hazare !?”

  1. The Govt. should thank Sh. Anna Ji, today, because of him, Govt. could get chance to restore his credibility in masses. It is upto Govt.if It has learnt a lesson or not.If, Still, the Govt. adopt dilly dallying attitude, the awakened public will send it into the be wilderness. It will be Historic Moment of New Change for India, the day when this Bill is passed by the Parliament and Implemented. In number of ways, Anna Ji created History,everybody should salute him.

  2. thanks to god,thank to anna and team , and supporters.this victory ove rmasking people.remember- hungerstrike is most powerful weapon than riffle.annaji-s standing is best gift to mahatmagandhi ji.y today- my hunger strik only for gudminded people who supported for anti-corruption.I LOV MY INDIA-I LOV MY INDIA-I LOV MY INDIA. PEOPLE IN INDIA -MOST POWERFUL WEAPON THAN ANYTHING- REMEMBER THIS IN GUD MANNER.

  3. Actually if we want to support annaji why only he is on the fast we also should keep the fast along with him that will give more pressure to govt after all it is our fight also other wise it will be like we are getting things on one shoulder only.

  4. Circa 1930’s.
    Son to Father: “Dad, I want to go to jail for freedom movement.” Dad to Son: “Son, you have made me proud today”.

    Similar scenes are brought back today, thousands of youngsters are ready to go to jail for the country. And this is the ‘change from within’ that we want. Anna is not perfect, nor was Gandhi.

    What I like is that he has created an anti-corruption sentiment among people today. Lokpal is not the solution anyways, but the strong sentiment will eventually cleanse the system.

    1. hi Arpit,
      Glad you got the point Anna is leader in his own right, a revolutionary more important he is awakening us to our duties.
      May be sometime down the line we can truely say into the heaven of freedom my father let my country awaken.

  5. The govt cannot really argue that it stands for parliamentary democracy when it consistently tries to run down and denigrates the institutions our constitution has put in place to enforce accountability: the PAC, the CAG are all decried when they put the govt on the mat. And how often do our parliamentarians do the job they are sent to do? Most of the time the parliament is adjourned because the honourable members create so much ruckus nothing can be done. The number of days the parliament is in session is coming down year by year. How can we trust them to get a credible bill passed?

    1. dear Malini,
      Of course we cannot trust them. But can we trust ourselves? we don’t exercise the option of lack of faith in the people contesting for the election. The ballot provides the the provision. Once the Jan Lokpal is passed the next set of people will make money. Corruption is essentially an attitudinal and economic issue.
      thanks for the visit,

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