the most destructive force to man is man himself.


Man himself.

In this era of information deluge we are not aware of our ignorance. Everything is lopsided or single plane like the screen where we are trapped.

From being an interactive communal being we have become more and more asocial. There is a kind of sociopathology. We put ourselves first in isolation. We talk of rights without balancing it with duties.

We have buried nature under a concrete jungle. The water ceases refuge in the sea instead of being soaked by earth. We have a resultant Tsunami.

We have beheaded our mountains, there are no obstacles for the wind we have hurricanes.

We cut our forests, nothing is left to maintain the eco balance. The spirit of the animals has made us more debase.

We are intolerant of anything that does not conform so we are into genocide.

Until we are truly educated and we learn to be humble in the court of mother nature we are bound for abundance of destruction.

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