Little women

The antics of my daughters make me smile like nothing can.

The older one was and is an old head on young shoulder. She learnt to speak very early. Her concept of being adult was speaking English. She would use Marathi words as fillers when she spoke to me since it was my husband’s mother tongue and I used to speak to her in Kannada, when she spoke to my husband the fillers would be Kannada. Another of her favourite game was she would ride her tricycle calling it her spotif (I rode a light vehicle called (sportif) and she would prop her doll in the front like I would make her stand. She would park the tricycle and go under a chair which was her clinic and she would make denshaws (dentures) there.

The younger one is mischief personified. She didn’t start speaking till she was two and half and her game was she was my gynaecologist. It was fun watching her she would pick up the phone and give instruction regarding patient appointments, and slot caesarean section. I have collected the peskiption (prescriptions) that she would write.

Her antics still make smile I mean her antics of today too. She swings between 5 and 50yrs of age effortlessly.

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2 Replies to “Little women”

  1. ur lil women r so very cute & adorable i hope they will have the ”child ” in them forever -making their lives & others memorable & keep everyone smiling

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