Striking Mt.Washmore down.

its impossible to tackle Mt.Washmore


One thing that I cannot seem to scratch off the to-do list, actually it has to be two.

One is tackling mount Washmore, my mother-in-law calls it “aravi samdura” which means an ocean of laundry as a pun on the “Arabi samudra” the Indian name for the Arabian sea. By the time the clothes are sorted into white, blacks and to be hand washed the a single pile gets split into three, that means three cycles of wash, drying and ironing and before that could be sorted out it’s the next lot of laundry landing in the bin.
Each night I go to bed wishing that the elves would visit me and I could wake up to a wash cycle done, ironning finished and clothes in their rack. I even have tiny thank you gifts ready for them. But the Elves seem to find my address elusive.

The same with the sink, it just sinks and stinks with the washing. It’s just a minute’s satisfaction of an empty sink before the next lot lands. I have tried making house rules that everyone does their own dishes I find the household eating off the vessels and crumbs on the floor I guess a sunken sink is a better option.

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