counting my blessings.

count your blessings and see what the lord has done.

Well, I am blessed.

Money is a consideration but not the only one. So I have the luxury of doing what my passion calls.

I write technical medical articles for the honey and marmalade. Plus write stories to maintain my sanity.

That’s it what I am by instinct a story teller I use all the three media I do theatre, I teach it too.

I research more material through the mythology and folklore which feeds the spiritual quest in me.

When my family needs me I am there so I do not have to feel guilty about that either. I work from home and at home. The balance of WAHM and homemaker.When someone requests for a hearing ear I pay my due to society by lending mine.

So I do not have to imagine a condition where I get wistful and think of options.

So I say thank you for the music and the song I sing.

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