Manku Thimma –DVG

Lyrics by poet DVGundappa,uses the pen name mankuthimma that is equivalent to Simple simon to reflect on everyday wisdom.


My mother tongue Kannada is spoken in the state of Karnataka in the southern peninsular India. Bangalore is its capital city.

One of my favourite lyrics is in this language, written by a poet called D.V.Gundappa. the poet weaves in every day wisdom and the language used is hale kannada or the older dialect of the current language. These poems are both sing-able and rap-able. The pen name Manku thimma means a person who is dim-witted.

A couplet which is my favourite is

Tookadisi, tookadisi beela diru tamma,

Nanna tamma manku thimma. – the gist of this don’t loose out because you are in a slumber.

In another couplet the poet talks about “ laughter, which he says is the law of nature, making someone laugh is your duty to another, laughing when you hear others laugh is a greater gift, so surround yourself with laughter in your life.”

These poetries were penned in 1943 that is twentytwo years before I was born,yet they have a great following to the day.Of the modern lyricists I am ignorant. I have stayed away from the world of poetry for more than twenty years, albeit the lyrics of the advertising jingles.

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6 Replies to “Manku Thimma –DVG”

  1. The photo you have posted is not of DVG, but of his son; another great, BGL Swamy. And the song “Thookadisi” in the movie was not written by “DVG”. The quintessential “Mankuthimma” was well-used in the song by Sorat Ashwath.

      1. You are welcome.. Yes you are right! Initially, even I used to think that it was from DVG. I even argued with my friend. But, I was proved wrong! People do associate “Mankuthimma” with DVG as it is indeed “Veda of Kannada”. My father has entire collection of Mankuthimma audio.

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