a travel plan

International travel versus space travel

The Pagoda on Osterley Lake (Main Entrance)

A free trip to space or unlimited free international travel for life.

Space travel is novel, adventurous but it is still unorganized. The travel suit is cumbersome, and uninteresting.  food is all in capsules and semi digested form there is no food adventure. There is also the problem of lack of gravity making us float all them this could be a hindrance for a good family travel photo. Though the Jones next door would find it a tough act to match up. Travelling light years to Jupiter, I would be an old hag!

While international travel one gets to see recognizable landmarks we can join the club of every Thomas Cook customer his family click photographs that can compete with the Jones next door. Age would not be a travel constrain. With Doctors handy and co-passengers dandy.

I think its international travel which wins all the way.

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