Mozzie banks the laughs

me casa suit casa

Willie Garson

Funniest show on television?

Well I do not watch much of television, and particularly dislike the comedy shows as they are painfully unfunny. More obnoxious and rude.

But some shows that are not slotted as funny have characters that bring a smile on the face like Mozzie in white collar. His quaint classic language. His ideologies are endearing.

If we have talk of shows then there is a Hindi sitcom based on the popular Gujarat comic strip called “Taarak Mehta ke ulta chasma” the sitcom talks of everyday adventures of a middle class housing society which is settlement of people from all over India. Well meaning neighbours and naughty kids. It’s clean, amusing though a bit over the top at times.

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2 Replies to “Mozzie banks the laughs”

  1. My family likes this too, both my daughters ar Mozzie fans, my husband of course thinks it is a stupid serial after all nothing beats FTV. 🙂

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