Lucky also– not also

noticed victory is always with someone who has prepared and has things straightened, and leaves a disorganized person.

“Lucky Charm” SanFrancisco Graffiti Art Close-Up

Do I believe in luck asks Plinky.

What luck, the decide I decide I shall answer all the backlog of prompts the diciest prompt promptly turns up.

In my life there seems to be a force that operates for both good and bad simultaneously. As in shaping circumstances, situations, and events. One hand a perfectly good opportunity gets messed up because a trifle trip but the damage by tripping is never as terrible as it could have been. So what do I call this force? Luck? Is it good or bad?

Victory I notice sides me when I have everything in order and gilts me when I don’t do I call it luck?

No ladies and gentlemen I do not believe this word ”luc” loaned from low mid-German. I sincerely and honestly believe that we make our own luck

Chance may be, but good fortune smiles on people who recognize it.

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