Gods gift.

count your many blessings see what the lord done.

Dream | Blooming 2

The five things that I am thankful about. I call them the 6-dimensions of my life the sixth one being my profession dentistry. 

1. Daughters my two darlings, who brought back the enchantment the world holds. Their smiles brighter than sunlight, the tears more devastating than storms. My strengths. Sometimes I wonder who the mother is—me or my teenaged beauties. I want to encase them and protect them from all things that can hurt them. But they need to face their wars and fight their battles.

2. Dad my friend, philosopher, guide. The man who set such high ideals for me. He was the one who taught me that we have many dimensions within us and the trick is to experience that dimension in totality. From him I learnt the need of visualizing before surgery, from him I learnt that every patient is unique and we need to respect that individuality. From him learnt to wonder with the sunrise and revel in the fields, by river and forests. Drama-dance

3. Dance and drama the art form that is my path of spiritual quest. It satiates my creative urge. The coming alive of a story. Learning from nature and translating her to reality. The feeling is like experiencing divinity.

4. Dayanand  my husband. Pillar of strength.

5. D’beers.—that I plan to buy for my daughters and me. These are the symbols of my dreams.

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