Autum of life

This friend of mine, she is a friend because I have the luxury of being stupid in front of her. She is 60+ battled cancers once and battling it again, people do say is abrasive and aggressive, but I think she occasionally calls a spade a hatchet; else she is just as cranky as the next person. What is commendable about her is her openness to learning, her wonderment in experiencing each day. She is able to infuse that energy and radiate joy.
Great-Aunt Vimala, is all of 71, I have not heard her moan, “oh!—at my age” she does refer to arthritis as if it a new shoe that pinches, but she trekked up the Rwandan mountain because she wanted to see the mountain Gorillas. When she describes it, she talks of the scenery, the facial expression of the guide, and her excitement on spotting the gorilla and how she wanted to do the Tarzan act. My daughters can never say Vimala aunty without that smile and warmth they want to listen to her, they want her company they don’t realize that she is 70+ they feel she is a contemporary.
Aunt Tilaka and Uncle Nagaraj are again in their late 60’s and mid 70’s. Ask all the kids around them “thata-patti are the stars” with them it is the world of computers, books and they share it with all of us. We do turn to them for guidance, of course they are aware too that the advice is not all binding but they are there.
My grandfather Krishna Rao learnt computers attending classes at the age of 85, because my mother was a bad chess player and he wanted company.
My parents attended the computer course too, and my father was the living wonder to the other students who were teenaged or young adults. Papa was a legend and they found educating him both entertaining and flattering.
Aunt Jayalakshmi (my favourite person after my grandmother Parwati) she used to tell me, that she dreads the day when her brain accepts something new, because it means her faculty is giving away. She is forever experimenting with simple day-to-day things and they make so much of difference to everyday life. I learnt lot of traditional dishes by applying her methods of modification. She is so creative to the day.
Lakshmi the retired maths teacher from Green rosary goes trekking the Himalayas, a dream she nurtured for years, arthritis, fractured leg notwithstanding.
What makes these people ageless, is their zest for living, they are not bound by the arrogance that ages not it all, the wonderment of life is still alive, that is true spirituality, to experience joy and treat each day like a gift. There is no morbidity like”oh! At our age XYZ is not done.”
The world is their oyster.

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