Jack in the ink-stand

digital or paper

Grandpa Thomas’ Ink

I definitely like writing on paper more than typing on electronic or even the good old typewriter. (I do own an old portable Tippa typewriter.)

There is something so cathartic about ink flowing. Its like a little elf who eggs me on singing

I dance on your paper,

I hide in your pen,

I make in your ink-stand,

My little black den.;

And when you’re not looking

I hop on your nose

And leave on your forehead,

The marks of my toes.

When it comes to journaling, I used to maintain a journal written, but then I found that people could read it and it was always the wrong one who did. So now I have an online personal journal and for random musings my blogs are just fine.

Of course my gratitude book is still written on a book with ink,

Just as my choreographic journals are.

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