really not

Me a reality show participant?

Reality show are you for real?

There is nothing real about them. Every bit is orchestral, the judges arguing and walking away in a huff, the contestants weeping, their pathetic home environment which is tragicomic, everything. If you notice the selection of the candidate falls in a mandate and I do not mean of knowledge, or talent I mean socio-economic background.

Lets talk about the news jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, jack fell down and broke his crown, jill came tumbling after.

Our news channels would go

Channel 1: breaking news Jack and Jill went for their romantic trek up the hill, while Jack slipped down and hurt himself on the frontal aspect, jill who fell along with him suffered no major injury. The citizens charter should take up the issue with the local governance to ensure that these accidents do not happen, the hill should be maintained for tourists and romantics.

Channel 2: Jack (a black boy/dalit boy) was lured by Jill(a white Caucasian/uppercaste girl) for a walk up the hill where she pushed him down and he sustained serious injury, while jill in her hurry to get away slipped down the hill.

So what is real?

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