Round of Music.

songs I grew up with

Grease – Das Kultmusical

ABBA, Boney M, Brother Gibbs, Andy Gibbs in the western lot, Nazia Hassan, Rupali Rathod,in the Indina tracks.

It has always been ABBA I have their I have a dream as my ring tone. Every song, the lyrics, and the beats were great.

Rasputin from Boney M, Maa Baker, and By the rivers of Babylon from Boney M were great favorites too.

There was that song from Saturday night fever feel the city shaking and everybody dancing another popular number.

I remember choreographing Bharatnatyam to the Grease number summer nights.

There were the early fusion tracks by Chittibabu who played western classics indian Instrument called Veena. He also had few albums the wedding bells, the musings of a musician and temple bells.

There was Ananda Shankar with his Dawn at Varanasi a fusion of Sitar with western classic.

For a few dollars more, and the House with the Bamboo door were favorites too.

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2 Replies to “Round of Music.”

  1. A gaggle of Manipal girls and boys danced to these very tunes in the eighties, while you were discovering these melodies, and we didn’t know! The dance in school to wedding bells introduced us to Fusion music and dance, long before we heard of Ananda Shankar, The farewell dance “So long farewell’ on the annual day celebrations, The shock of discovering lyrics of “Rasputin’ years after the melody was entrenched in our minds with the bamboo dance……Yesterday when my daughter’s Kuchipudi dance teacher taught her how to shake her hips and she giggled, I remember giggling to the bamboo dance too- Such fun it was, and great to revisit and understand….applique is right

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