bitting my nails.. no thank you

More than scare I have been revolted by many movies.

Scary movies?

I by and large avoid them. But there are two that made enough impact on me.

The first one was “Gremlins” the entry of the sweet faced mogwayi converting into the Gremlin was scary. I remember being scared of the dark for the next few weeks.

There was also a Hindi movie which to be frank was quite idiotic, but when I saw it our flat was under re-construction so it was messy and creaky and this murder horror mystery was really fearful. I think the movie was called Kaun? It was about a psychopathic killer.

Indian dramaturgy has a concept called Bhibatsa, which means revolting and this is usually inspired by violence. This is an emotion that I have experienced quite often. By the way Bhayanaka is term for fearsome.

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