Animus Liger

Born in a tiger territory with Leonine instincts I must be the animus of a Liger.


We are told that we carry forward Karmic memory, and I have an astrological period called the Gaja-Kesari yoga, or the period of the elephant and and lion. considering that i am elephantine in my structure, I guess the residual Kesari is the carry over from my past birth.

At a zoo, I get angry when I see a captive Tiger, i want to break the cage and let him loose to roam his territory. Its not grasslands,, woods streams, and hillocks I have strange empathy for the Tiger.Energy is neither created nor destroyed it only transforms, so do the souls. Born in the Tiger territory when the tiger population depleted I feel many a times that the empathy is because a I am a tiger soul incarnate.

A Quibbolo quiz placed me as Tiger, calling me a wise solitary person, who could be headstrong and stubborn.It says I play a neutral role in many battles.

This Karmic memory makes me a warrior, peacemaker and a teacher.

Facebook ran a quiz on what animal i was in my past birth! it said I was strong and energetic, with strong sense of family and friends.

I guess this data bank would make me a Liger

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