A Happy meal.

A meal when you are hungry is a gift no matter where you eat it.

sukhadia’s open vada pav

This actually reminds me of a tale, when the Mogul emperor Akbar he went on a hunt. He was hungry and tired, when he and his minister Birbal came across a woodcutters hut. The woodcutter shared his humble meal with Emperor.The Emperor enjoyed the meal, he asked his royal cook to cook it for him at the palace, it did not taste as good. He invited the woodcutters wife to cook it for him, it better the cook's but yet not the same. Then Birbal told him

"Sir, the most important ingredient is missing.",

"Don't mind the cost but get it " exclaimed the Emperor.

"Sire, it cannot be made to order,"replied Birbal"the ingredient is hunger."

A meal within 10 bucks hope you are not referring to the BlackBuck, which would render them extinct.

If I translate the 10bucks to its colloquial equivalent then it would be Rs.10/-The best meal I had for this amount is VadaPaav at a Gaadi at Bombay. We were famished after dancing for 3hours and this vada paav seemed a gift from the Gods.

Vada pav is a fusion cuisine from Bombay where a deep fried potato, vegetable dumpling is placed between a burger bread. The bread is lightly toasted with butter and a very spicy dry chutney of garlic-coconut is applied. This is sure to set you on fire. Along with this depending on the street vendor, these are called Gaadi that you eat from, you could slip in a cup of tea. For protein watcher missal paav is available too.

For people who are not potato fans the gaadi fellow would cater Misal Paav, or a rather bland and pasty dish called Upma.

For those who have a block when it comes to pigging in the Gaadi, then a Ziploc pouch with four poories and a scoop of potato curry is available for exactly Rs.10/-this would cure you of any hunger pangs for at least a week. Many supermarkets tend to vend these pouch’s.

meal for less than 10 bucks! In Indian currency it would Rs.450/- if one converts, this could be people’s weekly budget!

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