country mouse

I rather gnaw bran than gnawed by fear

What would I prefer the city or the country?

Remember the fable we heard as kids? The country mouse and the town mouse.

A town mouse or shall we say city mouse here, visits the country mouse. The country mouse treats him to the standard country fare for lunch they go over the country side for a walk. The town mouse pities the country mouse for the drab life he leads. When the stay is over he invites the country mouse to the city.

At the city, the country mouse realizes that warm house, and fancy food apart mousetraps and the housemaids trashing always lurked round the corner. The country mouse returns to his house feeling he is better off here.

Fables apart I need my quiet the screeching noises of the vehicles and incandescent sales calls. The peering neighbour and stomping people overhead, these are not my cup of tea.

I prefer the quiet country sides preferable closer to the Pan-abode with unkempt greenery over designer ugly buildings of the concrete jungle.

The backdrop of chirping birds, droning bees and whispering breeze is more appealing than the loud noisy horn jingles.

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