Mountains Versus Marathons

climbing a hill or running away may the wise Athena help.

Patroclus’ arrow-injury bandaged by Achilles. Styled democratically á la Aristogeiton & Harmodius as γενειήτης (ἐραστής) & ὑπηνήτης.

Marathon Vs mountain climbing.

With Athena’s clear thinking let us look at the pros and cons and make a wise decision. Whether it makes sense to run away or go over the hill.

A marathon is a race track of 42kms. 195mts. Or any long distance race. It could also be a rather long event. A Walkathon—a walking marathon, sleepathon—on Sunday. Talkathon a race that my daughter lives with unending energy and unflagging speed. I am amazed that they do not run out of energy.

Mountain climbing could be through glaciers, snow, or ice. Carrying cumbersome gadgets get to a base camp, and then sometimes if the conditions are harsher then they go to sub camp or shelter. Having to wither bad weather, worry about drops, crevices or avalanches. When all this overcome we reach a summit which turns out to be a garbage dump!

With the available data I root for marathon. My categories are blogathon each day to accommodate my daughters talkathon and my own need to conduct a talkthon without cacophonix the bard accompanying me. Of course my all time favourite is the sleepathon.

most important question have I done either? Well blogthon yes.

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