Dedication to the unknown soldier

The 11th Standard English text had a play I forgotten its name. The play was set between the two world wars.
A scientist creates a bomb. He was boasting about it to his sister. The sister has just lost her son. When she sees her brother gloating she gets very upset that someone like him creates a bomb, some beaurocrat who would never go to the battlefield would declare war causing destruction of innumerable young kids. These kids kill and are killed without knowing the other person. Every mother who has lost a child grieves. Whether the war is won or not the mother has lost. It is worse when the bodies are unclaimed, or lost, still worse destroyed beyond recognition. The brave soldier does not even get a decent burial
India has the Amarjyothi dedicated to these warriors.
The tomb of the unknown soldiers was dedicated at the US of A this in honour of her soldiers.
Here is hoping no more of these dedications will be needed.

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