Dr.H.V.Hande, my inspiration

Diverse talents are more appealing than focused ones.

Plinky’s prompt of the day is who is my role model?

Yet I think as we grow we tend to create newer finish lines and find newer models.

Each role model teaches you some thing new. My father and grandmother taught me the power of versality and individuality. My mother taught me the magic of mathematics in daily life. She converts everything to a tangible equation. From Aunt Meena, I wish I could learn poise grace and great sense of calmness she brings with her.

But if you pin me down to it, then it is great-uncle Dr.H.V.Hande, he inspires me. An eminent physician, the rock of Gibraltar for the family, a politician, now an author and thinker he has been multifaceted. When people tell me about focus I think of him.

He once mentioned “I am focused about discovering myself.” Yes each of his new skills is like a discovery of a new depth. Despite all this the man is so humble and time for a bratty six year old or fumbling senior citizen.

It is my dream that he will release the book that I shall pen. It would be my way of honouring a man, to whom I received an insight interestingly not from my mother or grandmother but my father. My father always admired him.

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