ignavus quod sileo tamen non sterilis

Path of least resistance makes all rivers, some of them are crooked

Lazy Drinker – Borracho huevón

Have I been disinclined to work, activity or exercise?

Yes of course.

I have felt guilty about it later too. Until I said thus far and no further on day.

Laziness I learnt from Sogyal Rinpochee could be of either western style where we are into excessive activity so that we do not face the real issue. It could of the Indian style where we hang out in the sun/shade drinking endless cups of tea and listen to the cricket commentary. That makes my lounge time, variable.

Ideally a minimum of 5hrs a week is necessary

Why do we feel lazy at all, of course it could be the weather or we could be drugged. The natural need to cuddle deep into the bed when it is raining outside or when the winter sets in. I am talking of the periods that we are stuck. This could be due to

• Low energy

• Forgotten motivation

• You don’t like the work.

I worked a way out of these. They are quite simple yet quite effective

Allocate a more convenient time and day

Delegate with a plausible excuse.

The most important of them all break out of your comfort zone.

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