Sri Lakshmi the goddess of material abundance

wealth is abundance.

Quickie darshan

Wealth to me is abudance.

Wealth is something that will give me choices. I will not be limited by resources.

It could be abundance in any form. The hindu mythology personifies this abundance as Goddess Lakshmi. The most popular image of Goddess Lakshmi is of abudance of material wealth. The only time she walked away from her spouse he had to borrow money from Kubera the keeper of wealth. Mankind still contributes to repay the loan.

She is described as chanchala or fickle, she will reside where ever she is invited with true heart and effort. Abundance manifests every where we only need to honour it.

To me dhanalakshmi or the Lakshmi who lives in material wealth is inspirational. Like a true vedanti I to eradicate poverty and ignorance in me both material and spiritual after all that is the lesson from the atharva veda,

“poverty and ignorances are curses of mankind. It is the duty of every human to utilize their skills to create wealth. A truly successful person is the one who creates wealth and manages it skilfully

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