poetry as meditation

When see poets i feel humbled to me its also a form of meditation.
Sculpting that poem could take you on a journey where your conscious mind is momentarily cast adrift.
All creativity is form of divinity particularly if they are vehicles of self expression, from splashing of colours on a canvas, to singing high notes can be catharsis. Dancing can vent out all those emotions from you. Just that way sculpting thoughts into poetry would mean a journey into the inner universe.
Creativity demands that we stay fully present in the process than focusing on the outcome. Just the way meditation does. One needs to shed ones inhibition. when creativity is a form of self expression then we are able to see reflections of selves in it in poetry this is more tangible.
If your curiosity would like you to experiment with this then
• Set aside 20mnts to be alone in a quiet place
• You may want to look at poetry written by others or you may like to venture into your own path.
• The poem actually gets revealed to you the way it wants to emerge.
• Just pen it, to hell with grammar, spelling and logic focus on descriptions, visual precision, rhythm and lyric.
Somewhere along the way you will uncover repressed feelings within you. Appreciate your work and release the emotions.
The best thing about this form of meditation is that it lets you relax, take the environment in. it sensitizes you to nature. Your soul gets release from the oppression of emotional stress and you are free to face your deepest yearnings.

3 Replies to “poetry as meditation”

  1. it is amazing isn’t it how we learn. While I could think of dancing and poetry as mystic pathways, I read an article through linkedin, where one healer has used mask painting. I really felt humbled by her knowledge.

  2. Other than painting or making music or crafting, I never thought of writing poetry as meditation. As you describe it – letting go of all rules and simply create – makes it such an obvious way I wonder why I’ve never come across this advice before…

    Thank you for sharing, Parwati!

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