unleashing the power of the words is what I would like to do

Blue Storyteller

If I were involved in a movie what would I like to do? Act or direct?

A director who the person who directs, it would involve choosing to control over a group of people, being responsible for interpretive aspects of the film or television production. It would mean supervising integration of all elements like acting, visualization required to realize the writer’s concept.

Being an actor would be taking the directions from the director, interpreting his interpretation of the writers creation. Then translating it to an acceptable body language that would convince the audience. When you succeed it would mean adulation from the audience.

What would I like? To be truthful neither. I would like to be storywriter and scriptwriter for storytelling is the magic of bringing the word alive. It is a mystic capacity of unleashing the power of the words. creating new horizons and bringing forth new visuals. It is inspiring the writer and the viewer.

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