How I Define Romance

Walking in the Rain

What does Romance mean to me?

What a question.

Indian classical theatre and bharatnatyam calls romance as sringara, the capacity to see beauty or be fascinated. This is the underlying emotion of all creation.

Even if you were repulsed by something, it would have a hypnotising effect on you. This is the power of sringara.

But by and large Romance is heroic or marvellous deed, pageantry, colourful visions.

To me personally romance is warmth in the winter and shade in the blazing sun. It is that which brings a sparkle in the eye and a spring to the step. It helps you welcome life with open arms. It lets you soar the realms of imagination.

I remember this story from Reader’s Digest saving the last pickled cauliflower for someone special that’s romance too.

Holding hands so as to support one another is romance too.

From fiery red to primrose pink it’s all romance. The crashing waves, the sweeping winds that’s romance too.

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