Free- travel?

its a one way ticket to the blue as of now

Aurora Borealis

If I won two plane tickets where would I go?

That a little difficult one. I would say it depends on who the other ticket is for.

If my older daughter were to accompany me then we would take the trip to south East Asia, the land of pagoda’s, Buddha, graceful dancing and oriental cuisine. It would be Bali, Bhutan, Japan whatever.

If it is my younger daughter then we go to Disneyland and universal studio’s she would want a picture of whatever the superhero carrying her, like my grandmother being carried by Rhett Butler.

Mother of mine has already glob trotted. So it would be to see the mid night sun. To see the "Aurora Borealis” I can visualize her excitement at the midnight safari’s.

If my husband were to accompany me, I would say thank you thus far no further I’ll take the flight to Dehradun. Drive 15km. down to Rishikesh white water rafting, trekking the Himalayan Ghats, swimming along Hari-ke-pauri would keep me occupied, my husband would solace at his ashram.

But the most interesting option would be to travel alone, forget the companion ticket and travel to Tibet all alone.

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