Simple contentment
unlocks so many doors
along the way.
There people who have left their roots in search of better opportunities.
There are people who trek the spiritual path because worldliness has disappointed them.
The most recent was a gentleman who was self congratulatory about the fact that he had over come his attachment to his children and he had no expectations from them. Strange how we link this attachment to expectation. The gentleman has over come this hurdle with the grace of his guru and now he prescribes spirituality a panacea for all ills.
I have nothing against spirituality, or the quest of it or even the Guru galore but prescribing spirituality to mundane earthly issue to me appears like prescribing surgery for a headache.
I wondered how come people we know did not have this issue.
I realized that most people we know have an attitude, they are contented.
When I had to go to take my father for one of his tests, my mother was required too, that meant my daughter had to be looked after. Our friend Kasturi Aunty looked after her. When Kasturi aunty needs some one she does not expect me to drop things and come down for her. But she miraculously always finds someone. Please get this clear what she did for my daughter is just an example she has done this small things for so many people I wonder even if she remembers them. But nature does.
Our ex-principal Mrs.Chandrayini Nayak was ailing. She had no biologic children but every child that she taught at school was there to attend to her. Since the older generation works on the principle fill the need their needs are also looked after by someone. There is so much of affection to go round only convenience is looked at. It is like Ruma Aunty explained.
“I do something here for someone because I have the talent to do it. It does not mean the same person will return it to me somewhere sometime when the need arises there will always be the right person for us.”
My point is the gentleman was so hooked on the biologic son and his spiritual triumph that he defeated the very goal. He could not appreciate his student who has been tending and looking after every need of his. This student anticipates and fulfils them. It is a joy to see the student caring so much for his teacher.
But this attitude of most of the people who have contributed to my thinking was very derogatorily called the quality of sand, that would flow without adhering if one did not hold on to it, but isn’t detachment all about this very same quality?

One Reply to “contentus?”

  1. well written & wel lsaid & thought of
    I fully agree with u & I feel pity for such humans who have to depend on a GURU -meaning -/inference is that one does not want /have the capacity of a think tank in them selves to figure out things!!

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