who is in control?

At the end of the day it is all about ego and who is in control.
In a traditional Indian set up where athiti devo bhava that is guest is divine, or the great mother jijabhai resides these have great intonation.
Let’s take Jijabhai for that matter in a full house her first step to declare her spirituality she decided to wear only cottons. Now this meant either a special wash or hand wash. Once the daughter in law got over the hurdle by bunching Jijabhai’s clothes once in three days, Jija Bhai figured she was losing control the step up was only whites.
It was worse when she went out, as the hostess would have to organize a special round for her. Particularly when it was the daughter-in-law it gave her great pleasure as it was an acceptable way to declare her power, she was spiritual you see.
When it came to food, Jijabhai gave up onions that meant the daughter-in-law landed cooking a separate meal for Jijabhai that is double work. Okay if the daughter-in-law decided to do away with onion and garlic for general public too, she got out of Jijabhai’s power clasp so the next step Jijabhai gave up rice and wheat that meant the daughter-in-law would have to cook a separate staple for her.
Did you say Jijabhai could cook her own goose, my dear she is arthritic and even hypertensive if the need arises.
The spiritual kinds are like the Christian saints of yore who made life difficult for themselves and everyone around them.
A sister-in-law of mine told me that spirituality rendered people sensitive, I wonder to whom? If one was genuinely sensitive the deals with all your restrictions and strictures work only when you can do it otherwise just flow with the current.

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