Try being a WAHM

shorter week any time

home office

Would I rather have a four day week or work from home?

I have and am still working from home. What we call a WAHM, it is a melee with no respite!

Since you are working from home it is assumed that you are your own boss. But the reality is a little different.

Any unexpected work that has to be scheduled is your headache, since you are your own boss. Its one endless chore from the other, like cooking, laundry, dishes,

Intermission—patient one, two and three

Intermission – cook lunch.

Back to the clinic, while you are right in the middle of an extraction your two year old kid decides to land with her bowl of noodles because she wants to share it with you.

Patients assume, that since you are at home they are well within their rights to barge in.

Even the daily help decides that since you are home while the Kardistans, and Jones go out to work you are last on the priority.

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