Its all time management.

If you thought the mother-in-law vs. daughter-in-law was the only waltz worth mentioning think again.
Jijabai went visiting her daughter Anagatai. Anagatai was ill and Jijamata (yes I am being bitchy) went down to the mother-at-arms act.
Anaga’s husband Namdeo ran a small country arrack joint. His business kept him awake past the midnight. Resultant effect being our man is clueless when it comes to recognizing a sunrise.
Now jijabai like true blood Indian housewife, likes get done with her kitchen chores and settle down to the entertaining world of gossip be it from television, newspaper or the neighbour or the vegetable vendor! This unfortunately coincided with Namdeo’s wake up time. The go find out trait of Jijabai make Namdeo pass snide remarks like
“Oh! It’s nice to have time to chat but I have to go to work.. Etc.”
Jijabai would get all het up. When things got to a head Anaga enquired,”What’s bothering you”
“Its Namdeo he makes me feel like a hanger on, after all I am relaxing after finishing my chores.”
“Aarey, aiye apply Paddu-ajji’s formula”said Anaga.
“Paddu-ajji’s formula?”
“Yes, Paddu-ajji told me that ajja would return from office ho-humming particularly if he saw her sitting down. So what she did was, she would begin work just few minutes before Ajja came home so she would be busy when he arrived when he saw her working he would not pass remarks that hurt!”
What a brilliant strategy wonder if the- department of interpersonal relations or relationship counsellors would think of something so hands down practical. Unfortunately the generation of grannies are fast diminishing.
So before you sign up for the next interpersonal relation building program just have a talk with grandma horse-sense.

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